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Slovak (Slovakian) is the official language of Slovakia, spoken by about than 5 million people in Slovakia, and by about half a million people outside the country, primarily in the United States and Canada. Slovak belongs to the West Slavic branch of the Slavic languages. It is divided into three major dialects: west, central, and east. Slovak is written in the Latin alphabet with diacritics (accent marks), and it is most closely related to the Czech language, especially to its Moravian dialects (one of which even used to be called Moravian Slovak). Slovak has preserved many of the basic Slavic word roots and sounds of Common Slavic, the original language from which all the Slavic languages descended. Slovak developed as a national language in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, prompted by a rise in the Slovak people's awareness of their national identity and the accompanying need for education and literacy. This was enabled by the economic development in the Western and Central Europe and North America, and by the relatively better human right situation and developing democratic trends in these regions.

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Ptolemy (Ptolemaios) AD 127-151

Venedi (Ouenedi), Galindi, Soudini, Stavanoi, Alani

5 and 6 th century

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